About Us

Rehbur: From Pakistan For Pakistan:

Rehbur your way through the streets of Pakistan and experience the quality rides Rehbur brings to you.
Rehbur your one-stop platform providing essential services from earning opportunities to online cab booking.

Tick Tap go

Rehbur now available on all platforms promises to help you travel smarter and cheaper. By once ticking your assurance check box with our privacy policies you would be a member of the Rehbur Community. The fact which helps Rehbur stand out amongst the list of online taxi services in Pakistan is that Rehbur connects with its customers with empathy. Since Rehbur is Pakistan’s very own ride-hailing service experts at Rehbur know what complications a Pakistani face while booking cabs online.
For which Rehbur brings you an easy way to order a taxi online across the city with one tap. This pivotal tap would give you access to full visibility on all ride details including routes the fare any Rehbur fee driver details and many more – along with the finest customer service waiting to help you 24/7 via the Rehbur app.

Spot Booking.

Rehbur is past the conventional booking method and tends to introduce innovation in its ways.
For which Rehbur introduces to you our very own Spot Booking.
One of the major problems which the pre-existing taxi-hailing services failed to solve were the bookings of cabs on spot where you find them. With Rehbur if you found a Rehbur cab near you you can instantly book it with the help of the rider this would not only save time but would also help drivers to look out for potential customers.

Let’s hit the road together

Every new ride is a new opportunity for us to look out for each other. For which when you once open the door to Rehbur ride you also open the door to a world of opportunities. Will you have a conversation that would help you to think differently?  Will you befriend your driver? Or just share a moment of comfortable silence. Regardless of what it might be Rehbur’s fundamental purpose is to serve you with respect and kindness as if we are friends forever or maybe just for a few Kilometers.

Be it your work schedule a ride to school an early morning flight or a quick trip to your favorite food joint Rehbur ensures punctuality coupled with safety. With our taxi-hailing app guiding the driver with the shortest and safest route there is to your destination we promise you you would be there in no time.

Your pocket and Rehbur: Close-knitted friends

Unlike other taxi-hailing services Rehbur provides you with the booking amongst the handpicked fleet of vehicles for your travel from A to B with the lowest fares. Amidst Covid-19 Rehbur understands how Pakistan has been a victim to the raging economic crisis for which Rehbur assures you that the suffering is mutual and we understand how people are coping up with the situation. To help the community we here at Rehbur would charge you with exceptionally low fares as compared to other taxi-hailing services without compromising on quality.
With unbeatable fares Rehbur ensures that our cabs suit every pocket. From the luxe to economy Rehbur ensures top-rated drivers along with the authority to choose the ride which suits you best. 

Rehbur: Not all heroes wear capes!

But every hero wears a surgical mask. Health and safety are our co-pilots for which once the ride starts we would request to follow all Covid-19 protocols. We here at Rehbur promises to provide you the most hygienic modes of travel so you could Proudly say:

Sorry Covid Rehbur’s here to save us.

Along with this Rehbur App has an SOS alert button to help customers to report instantly if they are facing some trouble with our customer service waiting to help them anytime anywhere Rehbur would make sure to resolve the inconvenience as soon as possible.

Rehbur: The Leader

Rehbur when translated in Urdu refers to the term Leader. We here at Rehbur believe our every representative be it our customer service specialist or our driver is a Rehbur for you. What truly boosts the Rehbur experience are the people behind the wheel. They are mothers fathers students teachers veterans neighbors and most importantly your friends. Our partners drive their cars — on their schedule — in cities big and small.

Rehbur: To infinity and beyond

We here at Rehbur aim to provide our services to every corner in Pakistan. Wherever you are whenever you want just open the Rehbur app and tap to book cheap taxi online in Pakistan. We assure you within no time a cab would show up. Experience a guided ride with utmost hygiene and comfort. Rehbur guarantees that soon it would accomplish one of the very reasons the name Rehbur stands for connecting cities of Pakistan under one name of traveling - Rehbur.

Rehbur Fleet:

On-time Every time. Ride easily through the streets of Pakistan and intense traffic. Dropping you off at the destination earlier than you had in mind Rehbur brings you the much-needed Rehbur Bike.
Rickshaw your way through the daily commutes. Introducing eco-friendly rides with pocket-friendly rates we bring you Rehbur Rickshaw.  
Rehbur Mini:
Your everyday dependable ride with ample legroom and boot space. Need to run an errand across the town or need to buy groceries? 
We bring you Rehbur Mini exactly what you are looking for.
Rehbur Regular:
Travel smarter and cheaper. Rehbur Regular provides you with air-conditioned vehicles with extra legroom and ample space for luggage. With such affordable rates Rehbur Regular is the best you can get.
Rehbur Business:
Spacious rides for yourself driven by licensed and well-informed drivers we bring you Rehbur Business.
bringing you the finest of finest handpicked fleets of vehicles Rehbur has. Rehbur Business adds to your exquisite style along with the comfort you deserve.
Rehbur Business Plus: 
The luxury rides in town. Rehbur Luxury Plus provides you with Top-of-the-line luxury cars near you with its unbeatable rates and unmatched caliber Rehbur Luxury Plus is what you need for the travel you were so eagerly waiting for.

Inter-city Travel:

We here at Rehbur never stop with our struggle to make Pakistan a transportation hub for people. Very soon introducing the Inter-city travel with which Rehbur aims to bring comfort coupled with best-suited vehicles to ensure you reach your destination even before you realize it. Within no time we believe Rehbur would the pioneer of ride hailing and ride sharing services in Pakistan
Rehbur Parchi:
Rehbur Parchi refers to promo codes the term Parchi is coined from Pakistani culture. A Parchi always lets you avail extra favors and almost every Pakistani is aware of that. With Rehbur Parchi you can avail countless discounts gifts and many more while riding with Rehbur.