17 Jun 2021

Hamey Jaane do – Plight of Pakistanis begging to send them to save Palestine

On 19th May 2021, a protest for the sake of Palestine was organized. The general body, which consisted of volunteers, leaders, and activists were mostly the youth of Pakistan. The protest started at 4 pm and was held at the press club, once the crowd gathered, activist initiated the speech in such an enthusiastic manner, that the crowd couldn’t hold themselves, chanting “Naaraye Haideri, Ya Ali (a.s)” repeatedly in a synchronized manner, fueling the bystanders to join the protest too.
Jibran Nasir, one of the active political leaders, along with other activists pointed out the fact that people in Pakistan never seem to stand up for minorities in their own country, there was a time when Shias were killed by confirming their names through their Identity cards, not in an abandoned place or a secret basement but on roads, on public places and there was no one who stood up for them. The same happened with minor Hindu girls, which were forcefully converted to Islam and then married to Landlords. The activist reinforced the concept of Islam within the public and emphasized the fact that the message of peace and the right to freedom is for everybody and not only limited to Muslims.
About 5000 people attended this protest, amongst which were lawyers, engineers, students, maids, and many more. As the protest moved forward, a flag of Palestine measuring up to 15 feet was brought by a volunteer, lead by Haadi Raza, one of the student, the flag was held up, and once it was perfectly visible to everyone, the leader chanted “Hai Hamari Darsgah, Karbala, Karbala”, pointing that we were raised to sacrifice ourselves for our brothers and sisters who were fighting against a tyrant, pointing that our mothers have raised us to see Jannah in the barrel of a gun pointed towards our head if we’re dying for the right cause and much more.
This protest was attended by many celebrities to show solidarity, including Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar, Shehrayar Munawwar, and Mr. Farooq Sattar. In an interview, Farooq Sattar told that he believes protests in Karachi would shake the grounds upon which this tyranny is built and soon this era of tyranny would come to an end. Ayesha Omar on the other hand stated that, regardless of who you are you should attend the protest, this would make a difference and I’m sure a major one, she said.

Rehbur believes that Israel is an apartheid state and this era of tyranny must end. The committees and decisions made by the UN are making no difference, and the only option is to unite under the banner of OIC. There might indeed be a reason for which Pakistan isn’t actively participating in war, but we wish this crisis ends as soon as possible and we’d urge each one of you to raise your voice for the people of Palestine, because you never know, what difference it might make.


17 Jun 2021

Tabdeeli Aa Nahi Rahi, Tabdeeli Aagayi Hai: A revolution amongst the taxi booking services in Pakistan

Before Imran Khan went to be the Prime Minister, he promised that he would bring change during his government, a change that would revolutionize Pakistan, a change that would uplift and encourage Pakistanis to reach new heights, a change that would reinforce the will to struggle within oneself. We do not know how much time the khan sahib’s change would take, but as a part of Pakistan, as a part of the revolution, we here at Rehbur aims to bring change within the transportation domain of Pakistan. Rehbur: Pakistan’s very own online taxi-hailing service ensuring that you get the best platform to book cheap taxis online.

Years have passed, and we have seen the prices and charges of taxi booking services skyrocketing, and the worst part is we cannot do anything about it. The option we have is to travel by taxi booking services who charge us exceptionally high vs the taxi booking services who charge you low, but the quality is never guaranteed. Unprofessional drivers, skyrocketing fares, and unsatisfactory service are what called out for change, and we assure you, Rehbur, the online ride hailing service, is the change Pakistan needs. Unlike our competitors, our sole focus and priority is Pakistan, which helps us to connect with the public at a certain level. In simple words, when we devise a policy for our customers, when we adjust our rates for our car types, when we hire new drivers to work with Rehbur, we never assume that the consequences of our actions would be faced by strangers whom we do not know, to whom we will not be answerable to, but we assume that the consequences would be faced by our Ammi, by our sisters and brothers. This fuels us to go the extra mile to assure safety and comfort for our users because we will not let our family suffer anywhere, anytime. This fact, along with countless others makes Rehbur, the best ride-hailing service in Pakistan.
Rehbur brings you a one-tap solution for a ride coupled with professional drivers, ample comfort, and the price bracket you always craved for. Whether it is a long trip from Malir to Clifton or a short commute to your nearest food street, Rehbur brings you a whole fleet that would suffice your needs concerning your condition. Not only this, but our very new feature steals the spotlight whenever we introduce it to our users. Now, if you find any Rehbur cab near you, you can just walk up to the driver and book that very cab, without waiting to book a taxi online. No extra charge, no extra waiting time, that’s how feasible and easy we have made Rehbur, the most accessible way to book cheap taxis online and on road.

So what are you waiting for?
Khan sahib’s “Tabdeeli” would take some time to arrive, until then book a Rehbur cab and experience the “Tabdeeli” we have brought to you. Soon launching all the new Rehbur Parchis too, don’t know what’s a Rehbur Parchi?
Skim through our other article to find out, we guarantee you, you’ll love every bit of it because Rehbur: the most affordable taxi booking service knows that “Mere bhaiyon, Meri behnon, Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, Tabdeeli agyi hai!”.

18 Jun 2021

Zindagi Badal di : A car hailing service, which will turn your life around.

Inspired by the famous phrase “Ek dum se waqt Badal diya, jazbat badal diya, halat badal diya, Zindagi Badal di” Rehbur, the best ride hailing app, brings you a service, which will turn your life around, with its exceptionally comfy and affordable rides. Almost every Pakistani wants a safe journey while riding with any of the car hailing services. A safety ride is a name given to a ride that is not only smooth, classy but also protected simultaneously.
Rehbur, the cheapest ride hailing app, was established to provide the best online cab booking services for the people of Pakistan through its esteem effort of making an online cab company that is not only easily accessible but also gives a ride that assures, you are at the right place and reach your destination in no time, unlike other car hailing services. Quality rides with affordable fares are what make Rehbur the first choice to book cheap taxis online. People have to travel now and then; hence, it is difficult for most of the time to travel on local transport if they do not have their private conveniences. Rehbur, the best car hailing service in town, provides the experience same as your private ride where you feel safe and protected. Safety is an utmost need of the passengers and when it comes to families and females in Pakistan, we try our best to give safe rides to our female customers hence, Rehbur is prone to provide safe rides avoiding the stress of being in a cab, with the strange driver, and alone.
Rehbur has its online app where you can immediately report whenever you feel unsafe and have concerns regarding your safety, the company will respond immediately and do the needful. For Rehbur, safety refers to the control of recognized hazards around you to reach their extreme level which may affect you adversely. There are complete guidelines present on the website and every time you are going to hire a ride for you, there comes a safety option popping in front of you where you can click and read everything regarding Rehbur’s safety precautions and detailed information of the driver who is going to pick you up because all the drivers of the Rehbur are registered and verified. Moreover, for further safety issues, the company wants you to register yourself for every ride so that they can have your complete data and approach you whenever you face any unfortunate event. Hence, with its prolonged safety services the company completely fulfills the safety requirements and process with complete safety screening online.
Have you ever traveled with Rehbur, the cheapest ride hailing app in Pakistan? If yes, then please send us your review, share your experience, and give feedback. We hope that our esteemed customers have used the cab and register themselves for the safety updates Every company has its positives and negatives. We strongly encourage you to mention those along with your complaints and suggestions. You can also call our customer representative at 03110734287 and talk with them regarding anything you want, and we assure you that we will help you out.

18 Jun 2021

Ride with Rehbur and take over the Roshniyon ka shehar

Under the indigo night sky, where the moon dwells and shines upon the soothing waves of Clifton beach, or amongst the heavy traffic on shahra-e-faisal, where the time never stops and the yellow aura of the headlight paves its way to your eyes or on the Burns road food street, where you realize Karachi never sleeps and in many other places, we see living proofs of why Karachi is known as City of lights, why people who haven’t visited Karachi yet craves the taste of it, as much as they crave for Karachi’s infamous Biryani and much more.

To add to the everlasting auras Karachi always had, Rehbur, the best cab booking app in Karachi intends to make their fleet available for people every day, everywhere so the glamor never dims. The fundamental purpose for which we introduced Rehbur, the ride hailing service, first in Karachi was due to the high demand for innovation at an affordable price. We’ve seen many people complain concerning how the prices of taxi hailing services in Karachi have hiked, and even if they did increase the cost, people had generally expected better standards but instead, the standards dropped drastically. Unprofessional drivers, barely inspected vehicles and unhygienic interior were some of the core issues Karachiites had faced. Rehbur, the most feasible way to book cheap taxi online in Karachi was the necessary change, when we told people about the Rehbur initiative, people had to say that it’s good, at least the pre-existing online cab services would know that there is a better, cheap and most of all a ride hailing service in Karachi, which is from Pakistan, for Pakistan.
Rehbur would meet all the expectations and more once it hits the road of Karachi, with its 24/7 availability, coupled with professional drivers and hygienic interior of the vehicle, Rehbur, the cheap car hailing service aims to offer an experience to our passengers they had once craved for. The rates for each car type, per kilometer and with respect to time are devised with many thoughts to make sure that Rehbur not only serves the exceptionally rich class of Karachi, but all classes since we believe a service that is not available to everyone, is not a good service. We assure you that we’d keep our end of responsibilities and meet your expectations in every way possible however as our esteemed passenger we would want you to co-operate with us, ride with Rehbur and help us grow, so we could serve everyone as we did you. Let’s add to the glamour of this city together, Rehbur: The best way to book cheap taxis online in Karachi, by its services and you, by uplifting Rehbur.

We would appreciate it if you’d submit reviews and comments after you ride with Rehbur, this helps us to improve our services accordingly and good reviews can make your driver’s day. We have seen our drivers giggle with happiness once they read good customer reviews amongst their peers and office friends and we want you to be the reason for their smile. We wish you happy traveling and would want you to keep spreading smiles.

Rehbur, the best ride hailing service in Karachi.

18 Jun 2021

Spot booking, a feature only the best cab booking app provides.

Rehbur, the best cab booking app, assures you that every step which Rehbur takes is a collective effort of the whole Rehbur crew.
Be it our charges, our vehicle inspection rules, or features provided by the Rehbur app. One of such features is “Rehbur’s Spot Booking”. Spot booking was an idea which was discussed under the supervision of Rehbur’s managers, the general responses were that since Spot Booking is a new feature most people would not know how to make use of it, but we were backed up by our social media and tech team who assured us that they’d make this feature easy to use and widespread all-around Pakistan. With much confidence and belief, we added this feature to Rehbur, as an extra effort to make it a unique taxi-hailing service in town. 

As much as we’d like to help you understand the Spot Booking feature in simple terms, we believe the fundamental purpose won’t be propagated through a simple definition as we did with our other features. We believe Spot Booking can be better explained with the use of a scenario. Let us suppose Haadi is the main character in this scenario. Haadi goes to a market, he shops all day long, however as the clock strikes 12, an unusual heatwave starts scorching his skin. Aware of the fact of how deadly is heatwave in Karachi, he instantly takes out his cellphone and tries to book a Rehbur, the best online cab service. The battery is at 8% and he knows if he books a Rehbur the battery would die midway, all upset he thinks about what to do now. While roaming, a Rehbur cab parked in the opposite lane grabs his attention and he remembers that Rehbur provides spot booking too. He rushes to him and asks him to book a Rehbur, the driver instantly signs him up as a spot booking passenger, and Haadi reaches home safely, with no extra charges, and battery at 7%.
We know how bizarre and unintended situations can get, for which we felt necessary to add a spot booking feature in Rehbur, making sure you get an extra feature through the best ride-hailing app. So, whenever you need a Rehbur cab, in a similar situation like Haadi, or regardless of what situation you’re in, we advise you strongly to “Peeche to Dekho!” and hope that you find a Rehbur cab waiting for you just behind your back.

However, one needs to keep in mind that not every Rehbur cab you find may allow you to allow spot booking with them since they might be taking a namaz or lunch break, or any break regardless. Once a captain goes offline, we don’t need them to provide services on behalf of Rehbur: the online cab service, however, they can provide you transportation services depending on their discretion. We strongly advise you to treat our drivers respectfully since our drivers are fathers, sons, and much more, not only to their families but also to Rehbur: The taxi hailing service, from Pakistan, For Pakistan.

18 Jun 2021

Muaaf karna, Rehbur mein idhar udhar nikal jata hun : The cheapest ride hailing services in town.

What if I tell you, you could ride more, you could travel all of the Karachi, you could visit sea view, Clifton and bahadurabad food street in a single day, with much comfort and paying the lowest fare possible. Would you miss that golden chance?  No, right?
That’s the very reason, book a Rehbur cab through the cheapest cab booking app and plan a perfect trip from Hyperstar, to Burns road food street, to Do Darya, and much more, without worrying about the fare, because Rehbur, your very own cab booking service in Karachi has got your back.
Enjoy your trip, and if someone inquires about where did you go for such a long time with your friends?
Just say “Muaaf karna, Rehbur mein idhar udhar nikal jata hun!”

Rehbur, the cheap taxi booking service, knows what life in Karachi is like, one minute you’re done with all the work, and the next minute someone assigns you more work. One minute you think you’re over with festival and events, and the next minute, dates of Karachi eat, or Talha Anjum’s show gets announced. Though some people feel that life in Karachi is very annoying and fast, we believe, that is what makes Karachi unique, and we embrace these traits like a king embraces his kingdom. With such events and work opportunities now and then, we realize it is hard to drive all day, for which we introduced Rehbur, the cheapest cab booking app, for the roads of Karachi. Affordable, Safe, and Comforting, Rehbur is a cab booking service you need if you live in Karachi. With each ride and event, surprising you with more and more Rehbur Parchis/Promo codes, we here at Rehbur believe that people traveling with us should not only get comfort but also hefty discounts off their rides. With our professional drivers who remember shortcuts in Karachi at their fingertips, Rehbur aims to drop you at your destination in no time. Rehbur, the cheapest cab booking app, would also avail future opportunities to partner with other parties to provide you extra services and favors, won’t you love it?
We assure you, you would, and we would make sure of it. In case you feel there is a problem with your ride, or a technical issue, which is very rare, given that we thoroughly inspect our fleet before it hits the road. Still, if the issue persists, our customer support would be there to help you in every way possible. 

Whenever you visit an event and are heading back home, make sure to look for Rehbur cabs around you. We know how tiring an event could be, for which you could just book a ride wherever you find it through our spot booking feature. One of the many features which make Rehbur the best cab booking service in town.
So, what are you waiting for? Plan your perfect trip ad hassle-free event rides with Rehbur, we’ll make sure you love the experience.

18 Jun 2021

Ek Parchi idhar, Ek parchi udhar : Book cheap taxi online with extra perks

Almost all of Pakistan knows what Parchi refers to, so when it came to deciding what should we name our promo codes, our staff at Rehbur proposed that since Rehbur is a taxi booking service from Pakistan, for Pakistan, the name of the promo code should be unique and should connect with people at a certain level. After thorough consideration, we chose Rehbur Parchi, the promo code to avail extra favors from Rehbur, needless to say, the perfect app to book cheap taxis online.

Rehbur’s fundamental aim is to service its customers with top-notch quality and at the lowest price possible. We here at Rehbur believe that the services we provide should not only be for the rich but also for people who are suffering, for which our rates are carefully structured and calculated to help each class. Along with the low fares, Rehbur, the cheap ride hailing service in town, ensures that every now and then, we provide you with Rehbur Parchis/promo codes. Especially during festivals, such as Eid, Holi and even Christmas, regardless of what religious background does an event has, we here at Rehbur believe the services should always be multicultural without any racial, religious, or linguistic bounds. These Promo codes would be in alphanumeric, numeric, or alphabetical format. The Rehbur Parchi we provide you would let you avail discounts off your ride, sometimes these might offer you 100% off your rides, and sometimes less. The core purpose is to build a bond that is engaging, entertaining and helpful to our users, we believe this would a pivotal step in the growth of the Rehbur network, which strives hard to make Rehbur, the perfect app to order taxis online. Not only this, but from time to time, Rehbur would provide you ways to donate money through Rehbur rides. We believe this is the best way in which we can get back to society. You can use Rehbur Parchis gifted by one of the best ride hailing service in town by first booking a ride, as you choose your car type, you’d be seeing a Discount/promo code bar, if you’ve got any Rehbur Parchi, type it into that bar, and if that promo code is still valid, the estimated fare would should you the final amount after the discount.

We hope that you as our esteemed customer would avail Rehbur Parchis fully and legally, we would encourage you to submit feedback and reviews once you use our Rehbur Parchis to let us know that, yes, such strategies are helping people out there. If you still face any difficulty in using the promo codes or Rehbur Parchi available, or you need to know if Rehbur could grant you any Rehbur Parchis specifically, please call our customer representative at 03110734287, we’ll make sure to help you in every way possible

Also, feel free to send innovative Rehbur Parchi's name straight to our email info@rehbur.com.

18 Jun 2021

Drive for the best Ride-hailing Service in Town.

Yes, you are blessed with a chance to sign up with Rehbur as a driver, it is as easy as sipping a cup of warm tea. Coupled with numerous perks and 24/7 support by Rehbur’s representative, we make sure not only our customers, but drivers affiliated with us, get a top-notch experience working with us.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a rickshaw, bike, or car, Rehbur treats everyone with the same respect, professionalism and cooperation. However, there are some checkpoints you need to pass once you’ve made your mind to team up with Rehbur as a driver.

Once you’ve made up your mind, we’d advise you to call our customer service representative to get guidance properly since we believe guidance should be subjective and according to the person’s issues.

Below we would discuss a general way to sign up as a driver. Get your car to the nearest Rehbur franchise and get in touch with our welcoming staff. After briefing you about the perks you’d be receiving once you sign up as a driver, we’d make sure your vehicle is in the perfect condition to hit the roads. This inspection is necessary, and all vehicles go through it. Once the inspection is done, we would ask you to submit some necessary documents, since we need to make sure our customers are picked up by drivers who are responsible, knowledgeable, and most of all understanding. Following documents are needed to sign up as a driver for Rehbur:

  • Driving license (Front & Back)
  • National Identity Card (Front & Back)
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Police Verification Certificate
  • Affidavit of Authority
  • Car photo with driver (Front & Back)

We expect you to cooperate with our staff through the process. One of the most appreciated perks which Rehbur offers is that drivers affiliated with Rehbur, take home what they earn. Yes! You heard it right, there is no cut for Rehbur in what you earn. Rehbur believes that this practice would fuel drivers to take more rides, and earn more money for themselves, thus building a good name for Rehbur around the city. Besides that, Rehbur wants everyone to acknowledge the fact that Rehbur services everyone. In the Rehbur community, we believe that there should be no religious, racial, cultural, or gender-based bounds. Once your documents are verified and your vehicle gets through the inspection, we would activate your account on the Rehbur Driver app so you could start accepting rides whenever you want, wherever you want.


Congratulations! If you are now affiliated with Rehbur as a driver, but there are certain points we want you to keep in mind at all times. You are not only a driver to us but an asset and a Rehbur representative too. Once you pick up a passenger, we want you to treat our passengers with respect and professionalism to build up a positive and genuine image of Rehbur, and at all times follow the rules and

restrictions Rehbur has proposed for you. 


18 Jun 2021

Luxury Ride Hailing in Pakistan with Rehbur: Rehbur Business Plus

Now Rehbur provides with a golden chance for you to be a “Civic Wala Londa” too by availing the Rehbur Business plus services provided by one of the most popular taxi hailing app in town
Rehbur is an online cab service and since Rehbur is from Pakistan, for Pakistan, Rehbur wants to connect with the general public through trends, memes, and opportunities they feel attached with. 
The goal of Rehbur is to provide the people of Pakistan with cheap car hailing yet comfortable services. The good part is that Rehbur, the online ride hailing service in Pakistan, doesn’t only offer cab booking services, but it also provides earning opportunities for people in Pakistan. Rehbur, the online taxi app, likes to take care of people who are in need, whether it’s a need to go somewhere or to earn money, Rehbur has got you covered. The main reason for this is because Rehbur is Pakistan’s very own car hailing service, so the crew at Rehbur understand what Pakistanis have to go through to book a cab through an online taxi service. Rehbur brings you an easy way to book a cab wherever you are and whenever you want, their service is available 24/7. Do you want to know the best part of doing that? You do not have to pre-book your cab, you can instantly book a ride near you and all the details will be given over there for instance which car you want and the fare, also you would have access to driver details. 
If you’re in a hurry and you have to be at your desired destination as soon as possible, you have to trust Rehbur with that. Rehbur would ensure that you get there on time, with the app showing the shortest route to your destination, the driver would make sure you reach the desired place safely, early and most of all satisfied. 
Rehbur fits all the classes in Karachi, for which Rehbur, the popular taxi hailing app introduces the Rehbur business plus to the roads of Karachi. Matching with your exquisite style, friendly with your budget and giving you an experience you won’t forget, Rehbur business plus is the car-type you need to book for special occasions and many more. Walking down the memory lane, many Karachiites had to say that they didn’t feel the luxe in business car types of the fellow car hailing services and we totally agree with them, however, you won’t know the difference until you ride with quality, and by quality needless to say, we strongly advise you to ride with Rehbur business plus.
Revitalizing the essence of luxe in the hailing domain of Pakistan, Rehbur assures you that the fares would always be pocket-friendly and there would be no compromise on service. This is one of the many reasons for which Rehbur is one of the most popular taxi hailing app in Karachi.
So what are you waiting for? Book a Rehbur Business plus and kindle the spirit of style within yourself.